Company Profile

Bangla-Asia Nirapod Housing Ltd. is an organization with a vision .A vision not just for the organization but for the city dwellers and the country itself. Ours is a foresight stimulated by the growth patterns in our cities amid the historical perspectives of urbanization in most of the developed world. Big cities will have big city problems, does not have to be an axiomatic truth. Bangla-Asia Nirapod Housing Ltd. has been established and is run by a set of enlightened individuals who are socially responsible. While embarking on property developments our vision has been to add value to property, value human life itself and a offer lifestyle that people have earned and deserve. We believe that planes development can result in the creation of just such urbanization. While this may detract from the commercial considerations initially it will surely create a better more live able environment which will produce healthy generations of citizen’s .This world more than empty offset imbalances in the balance sheets. Our concern for the environment is a natural corollary to our business approach. Environmental preservation is a statement with large upon all our development efforts. The Success of Bangla-Asia Nirapod Housing Ltd. is due to hard work. We believe hard work deserves to be rewarded. Thus we are involved in developing a lifestyle that you deserve and that will serve as a social motivator to others to work hard and succeed. Add to that creativity and the result is Bangla-Asia Nirapod Housing Ltd.


Our Mission is to remain ahead in housing and real estate market with continued stride for be her output and reliability and to assure a secured investment environment with low risk with higher project.


Our vision is to accommodate our valued customer with an environment friendly atmosphere adding value in respect of quality of life induct (QLI) as a market leader for a peaceful tomorrow. We are to set midterm planning to work strategy cally in respect of people’s demand of a shelter. Also emphasize to achieve company’s growth. Market expansion is the strategic mission to touch the vision. I near future will focus our business on deferent prospective sector also.